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We pride ourselves on bringing you the best, cutting edge equipment there is on the market. Our team will help you in anyway we can with choosing the right product for your requirements if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with us and we will help in any way we can.

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Access Control
Intercom Outstation.jpg

Control Access into your Factory or Retail Park with the use off our simple and efficient Access Control Equipment.


From security cabins to parking kiosks. any building requirements you have we can help ensure you have the safe and useable working environment you need.

Traffic Flow Plates
Intermediate Bollards & Flowplates._edited.jpg

Our traffic flow plates are a brilliant way to direct traffic through a system that  increases efficiency or prevents unwanted access into no through areas. 

Height Restrictors
Opening Height Restrictor & Bottom Gate.jpg

Simple and effective way to limit the types of vehicles that will be able to access the carpark or facility. with a varied off options to allow for your ease off access or the permitting off allowing certain vehicles to pass with permission.

2400 Parking Barrier 3..jpg

Safe, secure and reliable barriers. 

We offer a range of different product suitable for many industrial or commercial premises.  

Crash Barriers
BP garage Stourbridge 1_edited_edited.jpg

Small vehicles traveling slow or lorry's traveling fast, our crash barriers will protect you from the harm or accidents.

Pallisade Fencing

Palisade fencing and gates, a cost effective and secure way to restrict access to your site or business, ensuring the safety off your staff and the prevention of trespassing onto your property. 

Rising Kerb

The Most effective way off preventing unwanted access into your site, our rising kurb will stop a lorry from gaining access to your carpark, or compund with out the permission off your staff.

Bollards & Security Posts

Robust Security posts and bollards, to ensure that you get the very best out off your space in the safest manner.

Cantilever Gate
Automatic Sliding Gate 2023.jpg

Cantilever for directing Traffic 

through open or shut secure gates. provides a controlled perimeter around your business or compound that is safe for your assets and employees.

Lane Closure Gate (HD) 1..jpg

High quality gates for allowing access and egress in a well structured capacity. we pride ourselves on the strength of our products and only offer you the best.


The most effective way off restricting which personnel can access your facility's, when placed in conjunction with our other products can lead towards a complete safe environment that allows for full control over access and egress  

Crowd Barriers

Crowd Barries for directing foot traffic through the path ways you require or want. very durable and long lasting. designed by our top engineers to give you the best satisfaction for money.

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