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MBC Height Restrictor (8.25m).jpg


One of our leading products, utilise  our height restrictors to limit the access of certain vehicles to your premises, when used in conjunction with one of our gates they also provide a brilliant means of restricting all access during certain hours. we have a wide variety of height restrictors to suit your needs, we also sell parts encase  your current height restrictor has any issues.

MBC-005 Fixed Height Restrictor 1.JPG

Our three stand Fixed height restrictors are ideal for restricting access to large open entries to your carpark or compound 

Height Restrictor & Bottom Gates 3.jpg

For full security to ensure your compound or premises is safe the Heavy Duty height restrictor will keep out all unwanted vehicles 

MBC Height Restrictor 2 (Entry Lane).JPG

For low security or rural areas the best option is the Light Duty height restrictor as a cheep and low maintenance option 

Wide Height Restrictor 1.JPG

Wide Width height restrictors for preventing access to long openings onto industrial or commercial properties

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