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This token systems allows for controlled Entry and Exit.

Euro Coin 1_edited.jpg
Euro Coin 2_edited.jpg

Tokens provide an ideal way to control access to your premises in combination with a parking or security barrier. The security tokens have the option of multiple grooves to enhance the security.

Token Acceptor
Coin Unit 2 (1).jpg

The Series 1 Coin Acceptor will accept token a size of 22mm in diameter. The S1 is robust and reliable and ideal for simple, single token vending operations, with a hardened steel front plate only the correct token will be accepted.



  • HEIGHT 125mm

  • WIDTH 63.5mm

  • LENGTH 127mm

  • STANDARD FRONT PLATE 115mm x 63.5mm


Euro Coin 1_edited.jpg
Euro Coin 2_edited.jpg

Tokens are very durable, minted from brass to exacting tolerances, they won't corrode. A toughened steel security key plate mounted to the front of the token acceptor mechanism prevents unauthorized coins or tokens being inserted. Available with a range of different token options from 18mm to 30mm with multiple grooves for additional safety.



  • 22mm diameter

  • Brass construction

  • Matching toughen steel plate

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