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The Boxer is a cost effective yet high quality small building ideal for car park kiosks and security cabins. Our 'budget beating' Boxer range is designed to satisfy the demand for high quality yet economical small buildings.


The Olympic system has been at the forefront of modular building technology for 35 years and has earned a worldwide reputation for reliability and superior design.


Warrior buildings fit comfortably into any surroundings and consistently satisfy the demand for cost-effective accommodation on security, travel, office and sales applications.

Boxer Building

Popular applications include: security offices; car park kiosks; sentry posts; shop-floor offices and forecourt kiosks.



Boxer buildings can be specified in sizes ranging from 1.2 x 1.2m up to a maximum of 4.0 x 2.6m and are offered with a wide choice of optional features for lighting, heating, glazing and ventilation.

For urgent projects we normally have a range of nine standard buildings available from stock which are built to fixed specifications.

The use of tough and durable plastic-coated steel panels helps to prevent corrosion and to retain the smart external appearance of Boxer over many years without the need for costly maintenance.

In addition to the standard external colour scheme of light grey panels with a red trim there is also a small range of alternative colours available to cater for your special requirements.

Olympic Building

Typical applications for the accommodation of personnel include: security posts and gatehouses; car park kiosks; factory offices; vehicle checkpoints and vending kiosks.



The panels are constructed from tough and durable GRP (glass fibre reinforced polyester) with a smooth semi-gloss external surface. The walls and roof can be manufactured in any colour to harmonise with existing surroundings or co-ordinate with a corporate identity.

Buildings to meet the most demanding specification can be made in sizes of 1 x 1m, 1 x 1.5m, 2 x 1m and 2 x 1.5m. A vast selection of optional features includes lighting, heating, ventilation, glazing, worktops and doors.

Warrior Building

The Warrior system is an aesthetically pleasing building with good levels of insulation.



Colour choice, rainwater management, perimeter roof fascias and attractive interiors are also prominent features of Warrior buildings. They can be specified from an extensive range of panels to meet your particular specification in sizes ranging from 1.22 x 1.22m up to a maximum of 7.32 x 2.44m.

A wide choice of optional features for lighting, heating, glazing and ventilation is offered and we normally have a range of five standard buildings available from stock for urgent projects.

With minimal future maintenance and long term durability being key design criteria, the wall panels are manufactured with a tough plastic-coated external finish and held within a robust aluminium framework.

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