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Victory Bollard

The VICTORY Bollard has the appearance of a reproduction cast iron Victorian bollard with significant benefits over traditional materials. The bollard is manufactured from DURAPOL® Material, a polymer formulated to withstand extremes of temperature that will not chip or rust, is easy to clean and never needs painting. The bollard uses a unique key-locking socket, which absorbs the impact of an accidental collision and leaves the surrounding area undamaged. Should the bollard become damaged, it can be quickly and easily replaced by a single person, removing the need for expensive groundworks.



  • Height above ground: 967mm

  • Depth below ground: 500mm

  • Maximum diameter: 200mm

  • Bollard weight: 5.0kg

  • Socket weight: 3.8kg

  • Combined weight: 8.8kg


      Colour: Black

The VICTORY is a cannon style Bollard that is ideal for environments where preservation of a period or architectural style is desirable. VICTORY Bollard complements landscapes using traditional building materials and block paving, listed buildings and heritage sites.

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