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A popular and low cost solution to securing a building where easy access is required, they come in three sizes depending upon the level of protection required.


A static security post can provide you with a very cost effective way to secure your property. They are a very popular and very cost effective solution to securing a building and very easy to fit.

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A telescopic post adds security, whilst giving convenience where constant access is required. An effective solution to securing a building where constant access is required. 

Removable Security Post
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The small post is best suited to driveways, forecourts etc. The Intermediate post is ideal for car parks, garages, supermarkets etc. The large post provides the security required in industrial situations where lorries and vans are involved.





  • Total height: 890mm, 690mm above ground 200mm set in concrete

  • Width 140mm underground 70mm above

  • Weight 7kg



  • Total height: 1165mm, 965mm above ground 200mm set in concrete

  • Width 140mm underground 80mm above

  • Weight 13kg



  • Total height: 1400mm, 1100mm above ground 300mm set in concrete

  • Width 200mm underground 100mm above

  • Weight 22kg

  • Handles to assist with removal

Static Security Post

The galvanised steel post is sunk into a concrete block to provide a secure base.



  • Height: 1210mm with hole for threaded rod 90mm from base

  • Diameter: 115mm

  • Supplied with M12 threaded rod, nuts and injection molded cap

  • Finished in either galvanised steel or polyester powder coat

Telescopic Security Post
Telescopic Anti-Ram Raid Posts 3..jpg

The powder coated steel, post slides up and down inside an outer socket that is sunk into a ground to provide a secure base, once up it stands 710mm tall and has a unique 9 pin locking system.



  • Total height: 1620mm 1510mm concreted below ground 710mm rising out of the base.

  • Inner tube powder coated black

  • Outer tube galvanised to BS729

  • Easily replaceable inner tube in case of damage

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