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Manchester Bollard

Cast iron is prone to corrosion, heavy to lift and expensive to install and replace. The MANCHESTER Bollard is manufactured from high performance polymers that are self coloured and will not show scratches and will not corrode – no painting or maintenance is required. At just 3.5kg (DURAPOL®) or 4kg (IMPACTAPOL®), MANCHESTER Bollards are up to 20 times lighter than cast iron designs, making transportation and installation a one-man job.



  • Height above ground: 1005mm

  • Overall height: 1302mm

  • Depth below ground: 290mm (concrete-in) or 350mm (LockFast socket)

  • Maximum diameter: 220mm

  • Weight: 3.5kg (Durapol®) or 4kg (Impactapol®)

  • Socket weight: 3.7kg

​    Materials:

  • Bollard: Impactpol or Durapol

  • Socket: Durapol



The new MANCHESTER Bollard is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional cast iron bollards.

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