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Magnetic key switches are a simple way to control a barrier or gate.


This override key is a simple way to operate a gate or barrier, ideal for mounting on a barrier cabinet, to allow you to lock a barrier in one position, i.e. open or closed.

Magnetic Key

Magnetic keys are a low cost vandal resistant way to operate a barrier, they can be mounted in a pedestal and coded with a single code.



  • Made of light but durable ABS plastic and brass so won't rust

  • Easy to use simply slide key in

  • No moving parts

  • Programmable with over 19,000 codes

  • Tamper proof

Override Key

An override key allows you to lock a barrier into one position, normally up or down. They are typically mounted on the side or rear of the barrier cabinet to allow you to leave the barrier open at night or if there is a fault.

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