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Guardsman Bollard

The GUARDSMAN fixing is ideal for protecting premises and property, when impact tested by an unladen van at speeds of 25-30mph - the van stopped dead. GUARDSMAN fixing is available with Neopolitan™ 20*, Neopolitan 150*



  • Total height of reinforcing tube: 1505mm

  • Depth below ground: 745mm

  • Diameter of reinforcing tube: 115mm

  • Wall thickness of reinforcing tube: 5mm

  • Weight of reinforcing tube: 21.3kg

  • Colours: Black, Millstone, Sandstone, Dark Blue, Aircraft Grey, Stone, White

GUARDSMAN Anti-Ram Raid Fixing option offers strength and style. The reinforcing tube is sited 745mm below ground, providing an integral root for high strength and impact resistance. The hole is packed with gravel and a substantial layer of concrete. The reinforcing tube is also filled with concrete for maximum strength. When the concrete has set, the bollard sleeve is secured with coupling bolts, which are hidden from view.

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